International Naval Safety Association

In 2008, when the work of the NATO specialist team was drawing to a close, the group of Navies and Classification Societies engaged in the Naval Ship Code Development agreed that a new body was required to continue the work of developing and updating the Code. The International Naval Safety Association (INSA) inaugural meeting took place in April 2008 and at this meeting 8 Navies and 8 Classification Societies who had been part of the specialist team agreed to take forward the work and establish the International Naval Safety Association. In 2013, INSA also took on the development of the Naval Submarine Code.

INSA is currently supported by thirteen Navies and seven Classification Societies and discussions are ongoing with several other organisations who have expressed an interest in joining. Many of the navies involved in INSA are now structuring their naval regulatory authorities around the Chapters of the Naval Ship Code and applying it in whole or in part to their new build and in-service warships. Some of the nations within INSA intend to apply the Naval Submarine Code in the same way.

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