For Naval Organisations and Classification Societies

INSA Membership is open to Naval Organisations (Navies, Coastguards) and Classification Societies engaged in naval business and is subject to a minimal annual fee, although feedback on the Naval Ship Code is welcome from any user of the Code. Each year in October, the INSA members meet at the INSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss change proposals for the Codes, decide on future direction and set up working groups. The AGM also provides a forum for Navies and Classification Societies to share ideas and experiences, and reach a common understanding and a world body of knowledge to protect and sustain naval capability whilst effectively managing safety.

To enquire about joining INSA, please Contact us.

Website access for Non-Members

INSA recognises that there are lots of interested parties (shipyards, designers, equipment suppliers) who are working with the Codes but who are not able to join INSA. INSA provides a separate non-member login area on the INSA website with access to additional documents. A webinar is hosted annually to engage and provide feedback to this group and recordings of previous webinars are also available. Register for a non-member login for access to this additional content and to be contacted about future webinars