Naval Boat Code

INSA welcomed a new Code to stand alongside the Naval Ship Code and Naval Submarine Code in 2020, thus completing the range of vessels covered by the Codes.

Nations applying the Naval Ship Code recognised the value of using that Code in their safety regulation but it was clear that the Naval Ship Code was not suitable for application to small naval craft. The UK took the lead in developing a Naval Boat Code specifically for surface craft under 24 metres in length and presented it for adoption and further development by INSA. The combined experience of the INSA members covers a very wide range of boat types and sizes and the Code has been developed to manage the safety of the full range of simple and more complex craft. The Naval Boat Code has the same format as the Naval Ship Code and the Naval Submarine Code.

The Naval Boat Code was officially adopted in 2020 and published in 2021 with Part 1 being published as an INSA document, available to INSA members and non-members via a login. INSA will be developing Part 2 Solutions for the Naval Boat Code over the next few years.